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As Canadian basketball has recently made large gains at the youth level, much of the new found success is coming at the cost of the domestic product. For the past decade, Canadian coaches, educators, parents and fans of amateur basketball have watched hundreds of our best student-athletes flood down south to American prep schools. The main cause behind this rapid exodus is simple – players believe they can receive a better preparation for post-secondary competition. These U.S prep schools offer a system focused on developing athletes and providing exposure opportunities. With no Canadian alternative, serious competitors see leaving as not only the best option to further their athletic careers, but the only option. At least, that was until now.

‚Ä®With the creation of the National Prep School Athletic Association’s (NPSAA) Prep School League, serious Canadian athletes are now able to stay home and receive the same opportunities that U.S. prep schools offer. Talented Canadian ballplayers aspiring to become post-secondary student athletes now have the chance to receive the training, exposure, and competition necessary to be prepared for the next level – all while remaining in Canada. The NPSAA Prep School League features member organizations and affiliate organizations located in throughout North America, who's intention is to provide aspiring student athletes a quality education along with an extensive basketball pedigree.

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